While I wait

Vet Participant julyWe’ll meet again. I heard you say.
That day I watched you walk away.
Just out of grasp, far from my reach.
Leaving me alone upon this heavenly beach.

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My days are dark, My nights are long.
I don’t know how I’ll remain strong.
Another day, a month, a year.
I long to stay and meet you here.

To show you all the wonders true.
That travel by sky and sea of blue.

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They play and laugh as children do.
These Little paragons of virtue.
Tender and loving dewy-eyed youth
Innocent of the world’s real truth.

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I watch them dance and swim so free.
Wishing it was you and me.

Fade-out Effect: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/fade-image

Each moment I spend waiting.
My Breath abating.
Eager for you to walk this path with me.
In the sun not far from sea.
Our hearts together again as it should always be.

Fade-out Effect: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/fade-imageBrushstroke Picture Frame: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/brushstroke-photo-frame

Thank you for reading !

This story is a continuation of last week’s entry Memories of June while it’s not necessary to read that first it is posted here if you would like to go back and meet June and the man she has been waiting for.

While it appears this story completely misses the theme of It’s magic. I kind of hope it’s enough that while no actual magic occurs and there is no real presence of magical beings as far as we know as it could merely be a figment of June’s imagination, A coping mchanism her brain creates to help her though this final stage of life or something that in reality occurs just after. This rhyming story is meant to focus on the fact that June is having a magical experience she wants to share with the love of her life.

(A/N This is my entry for July’s Monthly simlit short story challenge.
The theme is It’s Magic!

The challenge is open to everyone whether it’s your first story or millionth tale.
Around the 1st of August there will be a vote. This is where you the reader can help by reading all the entries and casting your vote in accordance with instructions laid out by the host.
Follow this Link to the Forum thread for more info and a list of participants and their stories. Monthly Simlit Short story challenge- Forum Thread Link
Thank you again for Reading!)

Read and vote for your favourite story here: July submissions and Vote (link will be active from August 1st)

13 thoughts on “While I wait”

      1. Absolutely. Forgot to say I’m sorry about your laptop – hope you can get it fixed somehow!


  1. This was so lovely! You’ve really got a way with poetry that makes the rhythm and rhyme feel smooth and effortless. And the screencaps are just gorgeous.


  2. I was sure I had left a comment here 😦 caught by spam or could have been me spacing out too .. this is such a beautiful emotional poem. short stories done in poetry form are a challenge all in themselves .. well done ❤


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