The Wind that Blew.

Veteran ParticipantVeteran Honorable MentionKathy Parker looked at the Battered phone in her hands and felt Nervous. The power had recently gone out. And the tiny torch app was struggling with the darkness in the large room.
She walked over to the window and reflected on her predicament. It was pitch black out there too. The light from the torch reflected in the glass and illuminated the room slightly.04-03-19_8-54-12 AM
She saw something move outside the window in the distance, or rather someone.

Kathy gulped. She glanced at her own reflection in the glass. She was a popular , Trend setting cocoa drinker with long legs and small feet. Her friends saw her as a confident, Bossy, yet caring friend. Once, she had even saved a small hedgehog that had become lodged in a disposable cup outside the coffeeshop. But none of that would prepare her for what was in store for her tonight.04-03-19_9-00-56 AM

The wind blew and the tiny raindrops tapped the window like a dozen walking mice making Kathy anxious. She had taken refuge in the empty house after becoming stranded on the forest road when her car had broken down.04-03-19_8-46-37 AM
As Kathy stepped away from the glass her flickering torch-light died. Kathy jumped she was sure she had seen a figure in the darkness. “Who’s there” she shouted while her panicked hand fluttered around feeling for the mysterious figure. She chuckled as they rested on the cold stone statue she had passed when she entered the room before the lights had gone out.
Her paranoia had gotten the best of her again. she rested her head against the cool stone hoping to ease the tension headache that had just started working its way across her temples.

She saw it again but this time it slowly and steadily moved towards her it edged closer and closer until she could see the zesty smile on its face and feel the hard metal poke her in her ribs.
“I am here because I want revenge,” the figure bellowed, in a daring tone while Slamming the metal object against Kathy’s chest with the force of 1742 toads. “I frigging hate you, Kathy Parker.”

The sharp pain shook Kathy and her phone slipped from her jittery fingers. She closed her eyes and prepared for the worst….
The shadowy figure slowly lifted the metal object from Kathy’s ribs and moved it gently to Kathy’s head
Their eyes locked and they looked at each other with shocked feelings of acceptance and mutual respect as she pulled the trigger.04-03-19_9-46-24 AM

Kathy regarded her attackers curvy ankles and pointy elbows. “What the Hell is wrong with you Susan,” she Shouted playfully as the candle behind her flickered and came to life. 04-03-19_9-22-29 AM“Hmph,” pondered Susan.
“Got you “ She whispered gently.

“April fools”04-03-19_9-36-52 AM

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(A/N as you probably realised once you saw the banner up top this story is my entry for April’s Monthly simlit short story challenge. It has been revived by a new host and will take place Monthly as the name suggests. It is open to all whether it’s your first story or millionth tale.
Voting is open between now and the 7th of may please click here: to read all the entries and cast your vote for your favourite 3 in each category. 
Alternatively you can Follow this Link to the Forum thread for more info and a list of participants and their stories. Monthly Simlit Short story challenge- Forum Thread Link
Thank you for Reading!)


24 thoughts on “The Wind that Blew.”

  1. My favorite line was *Slamming the metal object against Kathy’s chest with the force of 1742 toads.*

    Haha, It made me wonder for a moment what 1742 toads would feel like. Good story. Started out creepy then turned funny fast.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Please please please – I need the story about the hedgehog that got stuck in the disposable cup! Lol. But seriously this felt very dark and ominous and yet ended up all twisted round. Great misdirection!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I was plumbob super worried there for a second! I missed this last month, since I’ve been absent with sickness. I hope you had someone scare you for April fools as you did us! LOL Well done.


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