The Predator and the Buffoon

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Vlad woke with a grumble, His head pounded and he felt stressed. Woken unnaturally from hibernation often left one feeling out of sorts, paired with the hunger pangs of a century long fast locked away in the deepest caverns of the oldest house in Forgotten Hollow was enough to make anyone a little grouchy.

04-24-20_5-01-09 PM

Rising in his dark, derelict, damp manor usually calmed him. The eerie echoes of the wind in the cavernous corridors and the scratchings of the mice and rats in the walls were music to his old pointed and very sensitive ears.

But today the music was horrendous. A shrill piercing tinny sound was ringing in his ears accompanied by deep booming vibrational thuds that shook him to the core. This most powerful thundering racket was on the brink of driving him to insanity.

04-24-20_5-01-40 PM

Vlad exited his chamber in a dark cloud of frustration. Appearing to applause in the middle of a nauseating cluster of Iridescent blinding flashing lights and ear-splitting music (if you could call it that and Vlad most certainly would not).

04-24-20_6-09-25 PM

Vlad eyes adjusted to the light. He noted the ample body of a sweat covered young man pushing his way through the herd of flailing limbs dancing and waving glowsticks like a bunch of desperate women trying to gain the attention of a bartender at a crowded bar. Vlad’s stomach screamed, an involuntary reaction to the hunger that plagued his old shrivelled form surrounded by the sweet scents of warm fresh food.

04-24-20_6-29-27 PM

Chubby meaty arms flung themselves upon Vlad’s shoulders pulling him into an embrace. “Yo dude.. That was amazing!! You a magician or sumfin?” The inquisitive plasma bag called out. “My friends call me Pancakes let me buy you a drink friend.”

Vlad showed his unwanted new acquaintance a shallow smile being careful not to reveal the row of pointed gnashers that sat just behind his thin lips.

Vlad followed the sweet looking appropriately named young Mr Pancakes towards the makeshift bar in the next room. Pancakes turned to offer his new friend a choice of the drinks on display. Catching the Count’s eyes for the first time he became lost in their piercing blue brilliance. Vlad used his vampiric charm and proceeded to lead the buffoon towards the cellar and his demise.

04-24-20_5-38-35 PM

The brick Stairs had always been tricky for the old vamp to manouver. His hypnotic gaze could control even the smartest minds but the uneven decent of the manors stairs had always been hazardous. Many meals had been ruined by way of those deathtrap’s we call steps. And a broken neck made for a very undesirable feast.

Vlad struggled to maintain his composure and the concentration required for this delicate task. As the ruckus above continued and the crowd became rowdier he lost his grip on the feeble mind of his victim.

Vlad could only watch in horror as his poor Pancake started hurtling forward. The thudding of his body hitting each step bruising the succulent flesh. Damp sweating palms reaching out to steady himself yet slipping off the cold crumbling brickwork, twisting and knocking against the wall and steps as he fell landing in a miserable clump at the bottom.

Vlad looked over at the young man clutching his twisted knee. He suddenly became aware of the rouge liquid mixed with sweat and dirt sliding down the chubby bruised leg of the suddenly alert and crying Mr Pancake.

04-24-20_5-22-20 PM

He became a little lightheaded as the floor swayed beneath him. His Vision fuzzy, The last thing he saw before the darkness consumed him completely was the wide-eyed, shocked, innocent and worried face of his victim.

04-24-20_5-18-01 PM

Vlad woke alone, confused and embarrassed. Is there anything more Jocose than a vampire that faints at the sight of blood?

04-24-20_5-18-31 PM

The End


(A/N: Thank you for taking the time to read this short story. This story is my entry for the April’s Monthly simlit short story challenge. organised by Lisabee a fantastic simlit writer (check out her stories here: ) the task this month was to use pick of the listed “funny” words and use it in a humourous story.

  1. Jocose
  2. Waggish
  3. Wisecracker
  4. Farceur
  5. Buffoon
  6. Larker

We were given a maximum wordcount of 900 words and an allowance of between 4- 12 screenshots. The Predator and the buffoon qualifies with a wordcount of 618 words and 12 screenshots, And uses 2 of the listed words

Buffoon: Ridiculous but amusing person

Jocose: Playful or Humorous

A vote will take place on or around the 1st of June. Please remember to drop by the Msssc official sims 4 forum thread for more information, enter a story of your own and of course to read the other fun entries. Thank you!)

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