The Last occupant.

Vet Participant oct 19A short story rhyme


There’s a house on this street where the sun never shines, Its clouded in darkness, windows covered in vines.10-02-19_1-48-37 PM

Stories have been told since back in the day, Scary enough to keep any young child away.

The Adults laugh, gossip and talk, But not one of them dare to take that walk.

Beyond the pine tree’s through the door on the left, Where they fear they’ll meet a fate worse than death.

The truth lost in rumour and embellishments galore. But what is the story behind this eyesore.

A wicked old man cursed for his sins. lies in wait of fresh victims.

Disfigured by fire, or at birth its unknown. For his true face is never shown

Alone in the dark. a figure he calls ‘Come in, Come in’ from within those walls.

On the fullest of moon’s when the world falls silent is when he is heard to seek out the defiant.10-05-19_10-56-21 AM

So beware of this place. Run, move, make haste.

As none who have entered have ever escaped.

But that tale is untrue. just a rumour that grew.

And here is the truth uncovered for you.

There is someone in there behind those black blinds. Sitting alone biding their time.

His face uncovered and seen by all. The ones who trespass and get caught in death’s thrall.10-02-19_1-53-49 PM - Copy

He is small to the many but large to his prey who call to their brethren run away, run away.

He toy’s with emotions and tortures with fear for those in his trap the end is near.

Until a brave young soul. Fitting the saviour role. Enters the darkness off track from a stroll.10-02-19_1-47-14 PM

fearful sounds fill the air, a shuffle and a cry. Our poor lost soul feels something pass by.

Crunching underfoot of bones and slippery remains. Stomach contents empty as her courage wanes.10-05-19_11-06-45 AM

A voice unannounced starts to shout. Then at his newest victim.

He Leaps and pounced…. 

cat pounce


(A/N. This story is my entry into the Monthly simlit short story challenge. The theme this month is Spooky! 

The requirements are a max wordcount  850 words and screenshots of between 5-10.  This story makes it with a wordcount of 336 and 6 screenshots.  I keep saying it but I really do love the challenge and reading the wonderful stories by the very talented simlit authors and i’m sure you will too. Please support them all both the amazing and very deserving writers and our challenge hostess the very hardworking Simlit writer Lisabee.

Please make sure to visit the Monthly short story blog/Official forum thread to read the stories submitted and vote for your favourite 3 in both Novice and Veteran categories.)

Click below and follow the link to October’s fab stories and don’t forget to vote.

(link to vote coming soon!)



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