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12/01/20 A SIMple online Newspaper for the people Issue#2

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Lonely Girl of the Windy Isle.

01-12-20_2-28-15 PM

I cannot lie I am filled with nervous excitement as the boat I sit on pulls up to the shore. The mysterious Windenburg island is not lost or hidden but for many years has been deemed off limits to us non natives. Stories of wild beasts and cannibals have done well to keep sims from trespassing here but no I am not out here a truth seeking trespasser or skeptic, I was in fact invited by one of the elders of the island.

She greets me as I step off the boat onto the soft golden sand. She calls herself ‘Sunbeam’ and welcomes me with a warm embrace. She gestures for me to follow her up the low cliff edge to a small self sufficient settlement.

It is Unsettlingly quiet the only signs of life are the sounds of the birdsong and dogs barking somewhere nearby. We sit in some basic yet beautifully carved and surprisingly comfortable benches near a campfire. I ask why she has invited me here when outsiders have been dissuaded from entering for more than 3 decades.

She simply states “For Moon”. Her answer perplexes me.

01-12-20_3-11-48 PM

She points to a scarecrow in the middle of what appears to be a garden “Moonbeam” She calls to it and I wonder if this old woman has lost her marbles or is there something more sinister at play. I quietly panic, Should I make a beeline for the boat?

Before I can make a dash for it, I am bewitched by a hypnotic sound an acoustic guitar accompanied by the voice of an angel.

The young woman steps away from the scarecrow and walks towards us still singing.

I recognise them as folk songs from movies of the flower power generation back when I was a child.

Moonbeam sits across the unlit campfire,

And begins her story.

She talks of a time when she was younger watching the others work the garden, wash the clothes and cook. She was the only baby born into her family, The youngest, spoilt with love and stories of her future. She was called the gift and was told she would be the one to ensure the Skye commune would thrive and live on in harmony.

01-12-20_2-42-25 PM

She hadn’t realised then that they meant it literally. She laughs for a moment then lets me in on the joke. You see she wasn’t just an only child, She was the only child on the whole island!

And now she is one of only 3 adults struggling to maintain the self sufficient off the grid lifestyle she lovingly refers to as Serenity.

Now the reason I was summoned becomes clear. This paradise isle is in desperate need of fresh new residents.. Moon Beam corrects me “Not just ..residents..” (she spits out the word like a distasteful sour sweet) “We need more family! only family thrives, We sustain each other with love and support and we grow together in spirit and that in turn sustains the earth and our surroundings. Mother Earth provides but we must be ready to receive, and we do that as a family not a disjointed group of sims chucked together on an isle. We have lost so many to old age that only old River (The old man that bought me on his boat), My mom (Sun) and I are left. We cannot allow serenity to die and with it our connection to mother Nature.”

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She asks that I spread the word that Serentity is welcoming the arrival of new family. “How can you be sure the right people will come?” I ask.. her reply“I am Moved and changed by the wind , rain, space and the universe. I am a product of my environment. I listen to the earth and her crystals. Do you not hear her? She bought you here to help spread the message. I am confident she will bring us no more than what we need.”

She reaches for her guitar and starts to play a ditty about the sun, moon and a river near the crying earth. She is a skilled guitarist but by far her greatest gift is her hypnotic

01-12-20_3-05-52 PM

melodic voice. Her greatest desire it seems is family.. recreating the loving family she once had that shares the same values as herself along with a deep seated love of nature.

Seemingly in a trance the young lady rises to her feet and wonders away still strumming her guitar and singing her song.

I wonder if she will ever leave the island or will the earth really provide her the means to achieve her dreams?

Charlii Mai

Part 2: New Moon >>

(A/N.. This is my entry in the Monthly Simlit short story challenge for January. This month’s theme is a little different this time we were challenged to create a character that will become part of a creative writing collab of sorts. Moonbeam may feature in the story of another challenge writer and will definitely incorporate another writers character in her story next month and perhaps in other stories that follow.
Moon Beam can be found in the gallery, She is cc free of course.
Find her here: Moon Beam



I have also uploaded a version of her including the rest of her household (Old River and Sun Beam) here: Serenity Isle household

serenity isle family


and the Serenity commune Lot: Serenity commune

(40×30 placed at The lighthouse lot on windenburg island)

serenity isle

Info on this month’s theme can be found here on our Queen Bee of simlit’s website here: Monthly short story challenge January 2020 theme )

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