Seasons of acceptance

  • Denial….

02-13-18_1-59-08 PM

He sat us all down and apologetically told us there was nothing more they could do. No more treatments only pain relief to help ease the suffering, a few weeks was all we were given. I held Daddy’s hand as he cried. “They’re wrong it will all be fine, you’ll see” I told them all defiantly. He squeezed my hand and nodded in agreement.

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  • Anger…

It didn’t take long and it was hard seeing a once strong healthy body deteriorate and become frail, weak. The life just ebbing away a little more each day. No longer able to even stomach the food the body needed to keep itself alive. It was failing, relying on a drip to pump it full of goo to nourish the dying cells turning it grey as it just prolonged the inevitable and his suffering.

02-13-18_2-25-32 PM

I screamed,  I shouted at him as he looked on with sadness in his eyes. “Why us? what did we do to deserve this Daddy! I hate coming to this place!! The smell the bright lights, that stupid machine constantly beeping. I see the pity in the smiling faces of the nurses interrupting, checking vitals what’s the point you’re not helping us.. GET OUT… JUST GET OUT…”

02-13-18_2-24-48 PM                                      


  • Bargaining…

Sitting together Daddy, my sisters and I , We reminisce about the old days. Back when we were children when Daddy would lift us on his shoulders and pretend to be a dragon chasing away the villagers or our first fishing trip. Can you believe the only thing we caught were colds?

02-13-18_12-56-47 PM02-13-18_1-02-17 PM02-13-18_1-08-59 PM

I remembered the way he used to laugh grabbing his sides as he bellowed like a bear. Its been so long since I heard it., A sound so infectious within minutes we were all rolling on the floor, struggling to catch our breath between chuckles.

02-13-18_1-17-52 PM02-13-18_1-17-36 PM

My heart warmed at the thought of it. Then broke again when I realised I’d never hear it again. I prayed, I begged for just a little more time. I promise I’ll be a better son, I’d work hard, stay out of trouble. I’d make him proud.”

He told me “Son I’m already proud, I have been for 17 years. I realised I’d never known true love or true happiness until the moment I first held you in my arms.”


  • Depression

Tears filled my eyes, I’m not ready to say goodbye but I can’t take anymore. I don’t want to be in this moment. I don’t want to see his suffering anymore. I close my eyes to it I welcome the darkness, relish the silence. I’m just not strong enough.


  • Acceptance 

I sense their pain as they gaze upon the empty shell I leave behind. I see their glossy tears glazing over the sadness in their eyes. All hope gone replaced by only despair and heartache.  I want to hold him close, I want to tell them all that there is no more pain. He no longer has to suffer watching his only son fade away.

02-13-18_2-58-53 PM02-13-18_2-59-38 PM02-13-18_2-58-20 PM

A better place awaits and we will be reunited. 




(A/N: This short story is my entry for February’s Monthly SimLits Short Story Challenge.

The  theme was “Seasons of…”

I just managed to fit in the criteria with 500 words and I used 12 screenshots.”

Please head over to the forum thread Here and check out the other entries or take part. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite three [vote takes place between the 6th and 12th of march]  Thanks for reading!!)








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  1. I came back in to read this story again because true to wordpresses idiosyncrasies the last time when I hit the star it did not take. I just want to say that I enjoyed this the second time around as much as I did the first time And let’s hope the Star stays this time!

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