Memories of June

Vet Participant juneWe met way back when I was young.

Humming the melody of my favourite song.

You played, I watched, you smiled, My heart sang.

The Lyric’s, The cadence, Your guitar strings twang.

I hear your voice, My heart skips a beat.

I longed for the day we’d officially meet.   Polaroid Picture Frame:

My dear, My love. It all passed by so fast.

You on one knee, The room filled with gasps.

When the day finally came, The sun shone bright.

Filled with flowers and smiles, Everything was just right. Polaroid Picture Frame:

A few years in your arms is all we would get.

Everyday an anniversary of the day that we met.

June flowers bring memories I’ll never forget.

The life we shared no time for regrets.

A song in the wind, A pain in my chest.

June my love, My Angel, I was blessed.Polaroid Picture Frame:

Through whispers and tears I heard what was done.

Our happiness lost. My world has gone. Polaroid Picture Frame: Picture Frame:

Thank you for reading !
(A/N This is my entry for June’s Monthly simlit short story challenge.

The theme is A June Wedding!

The challenge is open to everyone whether it’s your first story or millionth tale.
Around the 1st of July there will be a vote. This is where you the reader can help by reading all the entries and casting your vote in accordance with instructions laid out by the host.
Follow this Link to the Forum thread for more info and a list of participants and their stories. Monthly Simlit Short story challenge- Forum Thread Link
Thank you again for Reading!)

Read and vote for your favourite story here: June submissions and Vote.

24 thoughts on “Memories of June”

  1. That was so lovely and sad! I really enjoyed reading your poem. I also loved the polaroid-like format of your screenshots, very creative!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ack! Such a beautiful story/poem. I thought it was from her point of view, but making it from his makes even more sense. The picture of his tears is perhaps the most poignant of them all.

    Liked by 1 person

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