Lindsey’s Rant

Vet ParticipantIt had been an exceptionally stressful week. Planning a family reunion was not her idea of fun in fact it hadn’t been her idea at all she just happened to get roped into planning duties. Lin didn’t even know these people.  Since Cousin Max lived abroad all plans fell on Lin08-30-19_10-42-19 PM

Who knew so many of her relatives lived so close. She’d seen many of them unknowingly they’d even attended the same schools.  It made sense on paper to get to know them all. Unfortunately right now though that paper just looked like a whole lot of hard work. The kind Lin didn’t have the patience for.

Booking a venue had been a nightmare. They were either to small, too expensive or her worst gripe they’d been booked

She hated waking every morning knowing each day would consist of crossing another task off her to do list. Yet that plum list just seemed to get longer each day.

It was only a week now till the event and though the venue and activities had already been confirmed none of the 60 guests had bothered to Rsvp.

The days ticked away faster than Lin was prepared for the caterer had cancelled and it was too late to book another especially with all the food allergies and specialised dietery requirements she had to consider.  So now she had to cater an event for a bunch of fussy eating strangers.

She didn’t know how she would get through the day she already couldn’t stand them. she knew them better than she knew herself. She knew their ages, birthdays, Jobs, What they ate, and all about their children and pets.

The day finally came and despite her prior feelings she was looking forward to it.  She had been up all night decorating, Setting up and was now sweating like crazy trying to get food cooked before they arrived. she was drained but knew once everyone was together it would be worth every minute of stress and frustration.

Max walked in the door. Noticing Lin was tired he offered to finish up while Lin had a much deserved nap. There was plenty of time to rest before the party kicked off.08-30-19_11-09-04 PM

Lin accepted her cousins kind offer and slipped away to the backseat of her car. Her eyes closed and she woke a little later feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the party.

Lin grabbed her new dress and headed towards the toilets. Tugging the dress over her head she found herself in complete darkness. A wave of Panic hit. It was party time and now there was no power.

She called Max.08-30-19_11-13-48 PM

“Hey Cuz  It was a fantastic day! We definitely have to do this again.” He called as he turned on his heels and disappeared down the stairs.

Lin was too shocked to speak.

She had slept through the whole party and no-one had even noticed.

She knew she shouldn’t whinge but she just couldn’t help it. At least they cleaned up after themselves.08-30-19_11-22-02 PM

This is my August entry for the Monthy simlit short story challenge. The theme this month is ‘Whinge’ There are many fab entries please be sure to read them all and ote for your favourite 3 in both the Novice and Veteran categories.

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