Finding Mamá.

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05-02-19_2-42-34 PMFlorentina stared at the grainy image that flickered on her computer screen until a familiar dull ache started to pound away against the back of her eyes. She closed them knowing that it would ease slightly with a break from the brightly lit monitor.  Although usually a nuisance this dull ache in her head was a welcome pain for it bought with it memories of a time past when she would beg her father to tell her stories of the woman in the picture.

Florentina or Tina as her Papá called her was only 5 when he showed her the out of focus picture of Mamá.Photo Mask - Color Scratches:

She was different from the woman Tina had imagined during the stories Papá would tell. Although she couldn’t be sure due to the quality but Mamá was light-skinned and blond, Not at all like her or Papá. She also looked different to the other Salvadoradan’s she had seen. But Papa assured her that she was a native and they would find her one day.

So Tina continued watching the faces of everyone she met in town hoping to be the one to find her.


Papá Juan Giménez was loved and respected around town. He worked hard to provide for his only child. She would want for nothing and he kept no secrets from her. but it worried him that as she grew older she grew more interested in his search. He didn’t want her to share this obsession that had become a burden to him and taken over his every thought, His only desire was to find ..Her.. So he told his tiny Tina what he could but always kept it light with exciting and fun stories of El Madre’s Adventures.Dreamy Blend Photo Effect:

She was too young to know the true demons of this mystery. The Puzzle that haunted him daily until his final breath.


Tina shut off the screen that was offending her ocular senses. And smiled at the picture of her Papá on the desk. It had only been 9 month’s since he’d died and she missed him terribly. It had always been just the two of them, She had no other family to lean on and sitting alone in the old house wallowing in her feelings of sadness, loss and loneliness stirred a desire in her long forgotten.

She resumed the search, poring over Papá’s old files. She discovered the things he’d kept from her, Although they were of no help. 05-02-19_2-48-44 PM However 2 years later new clues and information came to light that helped her track down the one person that had eluded them all these years.

Florentina Giménez stood outside the old degenerate mansion on the outskirts of the Jungle forest. She stood strong hoping her father would be proud of the woman she had become yet Inside She was a ball of nerves.

Had her years of searching finally paid off? Was Mama even still alive? Would she find what she had been searching for her whole life? Would all the questions she had finally be answered? she pushed all those feelings of nervous excitement, frustration and the deep sadness that her father was not by her side into the pit of her stomach . 05-02-19_5-12-27 PM

She stepped forward and knocked the Door.


The old lady had not had a guest in many years. She had hidden out in this old house for so long she had grown used to the silence and loneliness. She was startled by the knock and panicked a little before deciding to slide open the deadbolt that kept the door locked to the outside world. She had been here far too long and with her life near it’s end she longed to see her family and friends once more no matter the consequence.05-02-19_5-27-24 PM


Florentina was confused by the calm, serene look on the old lady’s face. It had been more than 20 years why wasn’t she shocked or even slightly surprised to find her knocking at her door? 05-02-19_5-33-40 PM

Didn’t she know who Florentina was? Didn’t she understand what was happening? Tina cleared her throat and loudly repeated the words while taking the old womans hands in hers.

María Angelina Matilde Antúnez also known as the crime lord ‘Mamá’ you are under arrest for numerous crimes against the state including murder and conspiracy to commit murder and your alleged involvement in the Máximo international drugs, guns and money laundering empire. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”05-02-19_5-39-39 PM


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(A/N as you probably realised once you saw the banner up top this story is my entry for May’s Monthly simlit short story challenge. The theme is ..Mother…Motherhood… Mothering.. The challenge is open to everyone whether it’s your first story or millionth tale.
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13 thoughts on “Finding Mamá.”

  1. That was a very good twist of a story. Where you thought she was searching for her “mama”, she was actually searching for someone named “Mama” who was a criminal. Nice play on words.

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