(Echo) Lost Dancer


(A/N. The first part of Ember’s Story is a wordless post. Which shows a little of her past. There are a few pictures so it may take a while for them to load. Please bear with it. I am sorry for the inconvenience)


04-28-17_2-35-49 PM04-28-17_2-41-00 PM04-28-17_2-25-46 PM04-28-17_2-26-12 PM04-28-17_2-26-53 PM04-28-17_2-28-26 PM04-28-17_3-04-53 PM04-28-17_3-04-39 PM04-28-17_2-51-36 PM05-02-17_7-09-00 PM05-02-17_6-55-01 PM05-02-17_6-57-52 PM05-02-17_6-59-54 PM05-02-17_6-37-29 PM05-02-17_6-37-16 PM05-02-17_6-32-52 PM05-02-17_6-34-15 PM05-02-17_6-33-48 PM05-02-17_7-16-59 PM05-02-17_7-47-02 PM05-02-17_7-46-35 PM



The Lost Dancer (Part 2)—>




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