A Star is Born

This story is the final part of a 3 part tale you can find the first 2 here

  1. Sim life stories
  2. New Moon

3rd Place Vet March 2020

Moon Beam had lost the will to carry on and with it the heart to sing. Her spirit was broken and for the first time she felt hate.. She hated the man that had made her feel this sadness but she hated herself more for allowing him to do so.

That negativity dulled her soul and darkened her heart. She needed to restore the light in her life so spent time talking to her mother.

02-23-20_7-07-59 PM

She had lost so much in a short time and hearing her mothers last words in her head spurred her to take action.
“The desire for home lives in all of us, A safe place where we can be free to love and be loved is here as long as you can continue to bless this world with positivity.
Any place can be a home but it is up to you to make sure it’s a happy one. I love you my little Moonbeam!”

Moon slowly but surely turned her loneliness and negative feelings into determination. she worked hard to rebuild serenity.

02-23-20_7-10-36 PM

02-23-20_9-09-58 PM (2)

It would never be perfect but she was happy restoring the place all her good memories had come from. Ready to make new ones she made her way down the cliff towards Old Rivers Boat.



Veronica was stressed she had tried to get herself together before the baby came but a whole 8 months later she still had nothing to show for it. A homeless uni dropout carrying a bump the size of a large watermelon. She had worked odd jobs here and there but they only paid to feed her growing appetite. She had taken to stealing yet found nothing she took was enough to remedy her dire situation.

02-24-20_2-57-38 PM

There was only one option left……

Veronica’s heart sank with each step. she never ever envisioned she would become so desperate that she would even consider returning to this place. Her Tears fell and landed on her large stomach as the unwelcome memories fought against the hope filled dreams she had of a future free from the fear and hatred of her parents.

02-24-20_2-44-55 PM (2)

She lifted the spare key from it’s hiding place and let herself in….

20 minutes later Veronica stood at the docks. Smiling confidently at the teenaged boy renting the boats and aqua sleds While sliding a bundle of crumpled notes across the counter.

She had made a bold choice knowing that she would be far away on an island before her parents returned to discover she had emptied the safe.



Cool, calm, collected and completely relaxed this was the life he deserved. Nodding off in his deckchair in the middle of the afternoon or so he thought his watch battery had died long ago and there was no need for a pointless task such as timekeeping when the sun shone as bright and warm as it did here on his island.

He hadn’t thought much of the singing hippy since he last saw her all those months ago. but she wasn’t completely forgotten. He remembered to avoid the orange berries after she had warned him of the deadly side effects, And he still used the banana leaf bag she had made for him to carry his harvested fruits back to camp.

Had he been too harsh? ..No she’s probably happy away singing to the trees and plants in her little commune with the other hippies far too busy to come back down the cliff to try to recruit this grumpy castaway.

He lay back in his faded old chair and closed his eyes to the sun. Roused by the sound of a small explosion his first thought was the Hippy on the hill. was she up there trying another one of those nectar boiling recipes her family used to make.

He sat up smiling to himself until he noticed a body washed up on the shore. Panic filled his every cell as he rushed over to the young lady trying to get her footing in the soft sand.

02-23-20_7-28-35 PM

02-23-20_7-29-50 PM

Todd reached for her waist as she fell into a heap at his feet. She was heavy As he lifted and carried her towards his camp he noted her bloated belly and another wave of panic set in. He called for help, Would anyone hear him? Would anyone come to his aid? Had he driven away the one person that could probably deal with this in her stride?

02-23-20_7-40-03 PM

The young lady regained consciousness and stood in front of him her face contorted in pain she cried out ” He’s coming, please help me! he’s coming!”



Moon had just pushed the boat away from the sand and was slowly drifting out to sea when she heard a call for help. He didn’t deserve it but she couldn’t live with herself sailing away Knowing he could be seriously hurt.

Moon was stunned to find Todd in a tight embrace with a dark haired stranger on the beach. she was clearly in pain though her screams were muffled by Todd’s shoulder.
” Quick! She’s having a baby!, Help me, Moon. What should I do? Todd asked nervously.

02-23-20_7-50-04 PM

Moon was elated. This was the first time since she had met him that Todd had called her by her name and now finally family had arrived.

Moon led them towards Serenity. Although she had not witnessed the miracle of childbirth herself she had been taught enough of the world from the family elders to know what to expect. she assisted as best she could keeping all present and calm until the second baby of serenity Isle made an appearance.

02-23-20_8-21-14 PM

02-23-20_8-22-28 PM

Seren Rain Grey was born a healthy baby boy and was the little gift that bought a long lost unity to serenity.


Lucian Knelt down to get a better look.
” So you say this rock represents family” he asked the topless gentleman.

Todd Merely smiled and nodded.

Moon stopped strumming and turned towards the inquisitive reporter.
“Yes Mr Belanger, All the individuals here pick a colour and press their hand on this rock it’s a reminder that we are stronger together. The Serenity family know they are Loved and accepted here for we will always be family no matter where life takes us.”

02-23-20_9-02-16 PM

<<New Moon

(A/N.. [Seren is a welsh name meaning star]. An amazing creator had created some friendship rocks for me to use within my story although not really seen i wanted to give thanks. You can find them here as part of a garden set. https://thesimsresource.com/members/Chicklet453681/downloads/details/id/1478685/category/sims4-sets-objects-garden

Anyway back to my usual authors notes.. This concludes Moon Beams story which was part of a 3 part Monthly Simlit Short Story challenge that commenced in January with the creation of a character along with his/her/their background story.

In February we were tasked with using another authors creation within our characters story as an antagonist.

This month however we were asked to introduce another character from the same selection of characters to help resolve the tension between the antagonist and protagonist.

I chose to bring in Veronica Grey created by @DivanSimmer from simlit blog https://ageekylegacy.wordpress.com

And Lucian Belanger created by @Lisabeesims from simlit blog. https://lisabeesims.com

This entry has 1049 words and 12 pictures.

Please remember to drop by Msssc for more information, to read the other fun stories and of course the link to vote. [Link will be activated on or slightly after the 1st of april]

Thanks for reading!!

15 thoughts on “A Star is Born”

  1. Absolutely love the ending to this story! So glad Moon found the family she was longing for and that Veronica and her son now have a real home. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ooo….I didn’t realize the painted rock was an actual object you made! I thought it was a post-edit on the screenshot itself. It’s beautiful!

    And I love how you wove together everyone’s stories. Moon so deserved her happy ending. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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